My name is Rob Corona. I am a ceremonial hand poke tattoo artist originally from El Paso, TX (Tigua and Mescalero Apache land). Tattooing is my passion, and I integrate my studies of symbolism and the Tonalpohualli to create meaningful, custom tattoo designs for every client. Tattooing is one of the most ancient human rituals. As such, I treat every session as a ceremony. Having a tattoo is having a commitment of sorts to the symbol and its meaning. Hand poke tattooing has a physiological effect on the body much like Chinese Acupuncture. On an energetic level, when tattooing, we are making sparks on your energetic field, which creates lasting effects for the wearer. Whether you get a tattoo from me or someone else, please exercise mindfulness. 
The Tonalpohualli, or count of time, is one of the most exact calendrical systems ever invented. It covers energetic tendencies and natural cycles. Using a combination of a number 1 thru 13, and 20 day signs that represent archetypes and observable qualities of nature, Nahua people created a system that speaks the original language: glyphs that speak to the subconscious mind. I have been studying the Tonalpohualli intensely for 7 years. I calculate Tonalamatl, personal counts of time, and integrate the information this language of symbols holds into my tattooing practice. 
Contact me using the form below with your design ideas, or if you would like to learn more about your Tonalamatl to inform your tattoo decision-making process.  Blessings 
~ Rob Corona
Thank you!
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